Bliss Events is excited to present a Rental Collection to the public for event and party rental needs.  Whether you’re looking for vintage or modern furniture, rugs, pillows, tables and chairs, decorations, props, centerpiece accessories, vases, table settings, backdrops and arches, lighting selections, lanterns or votives – we have it – in all shapes, sizes and prices. 

Enter the Gallery to view our Rental Collection and create your Wishlist.

CREATE A WISHLIST: This is a helpful tool to gather more information on items that you are interested in.  By submitting a Wishlist you are not committing to renting our items, you are only requesting pricing and availability.

The Bliss Events team will respond to your Wishlist request within 24 hours to determine if any additions or edits are needed and to designate pick up or delivery. You will then receive a formal proposal with the desired and available items.

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From 12 years of event planning + design comes our extensive inventory and wide variety of décor items. 

Please note that our Rental Collection is a selection of Bliss Events' décor available for our rental clients.

If you have already submitted a Wishlist or have a proposal underway, please contact your Bliss Events representative directly for updates to your invoice.