Upcoming Bliss + Tell Workshops for the DIY Bride


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I am so thankful my mom and I signed up for the workshop! We can’t believe what valuable information was provided to us. We couldn’t afford a wedding planner, but now we feel so much more comfortable proceeding without one.
— Mandy & Jean (bride & mother of bride)

Thank you for hosting such a great event! It was extremely helpful and made everything a little less overwhelming. First, I want to say you are inspiring as a business woman. Your passion for what you do, your clients and the industry oozed out of you. Your insight on ways to cut back on costs and your guest list was extremely helpful! Those are two areas that stressed me the most and you made me feel much less overwhelmed. It was all info that I had either not thought of at all or way in the back of my mind and you just reassured me. I’ve watched too many of my friends get backed into the corner of, “Oh, is it ok my son’s girlfriend, our granddaughter, and the family dog also join us at your wedding?” Next thing you know, the family that you were expecting four confirmations now has seven! I loved your tips on helping avoid these situations.
— Amaya (Bride)

This was such a helpful brain was reeling from it and I am pretty versed in weddings at this point! I love being more equipped and having valuable information to share with my clients.
— Suzi, Q Weddings (photography)